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Solutions for typical pumping station applications

Arrow prefabricated “walk-in” pumping stations are available in several pre-engineered models and a customizable version. Using standard designs allows us to pre-build and stock (contact manufacturer for specific availability) which makes turnaround fast. Our product requires minimal field work upon delivery.

Arrow Model L55 pumping station
Arrow Model L55

The Arrow Model L55 is a complete prefabricated “walk-in” control panel for sewage pumping stations. This product is designed to be a cost effective alternative that is superior to typical outdoor panels.

Arrow Model L89 pumping station
Arrow Model L89

The Arrow Model L89 is a complete prefabricated “walk-in” control/valve module for sewage pumping stations. This product is designed to eliminate hazards associated with underground valve vaults by providing above-ground housing for the valves. The savings from eliminating the underground vault offset the cost of the building.

Arrow Model G1020v pumping station
Arrow Model G1020V

The Arrow Model G1020V is a complete prefabricated “walk-in” control/valve/generator module. This all-encompassing design provides the advantages of the ArcSafe® PCC, above-ground valve vault, and indoor enclosed generator in one cost-effective package.

Arrow Model MCX pumping station
Arrow Model MCX

The Arrow Custom MCX is a complete prefabricated “walk-in” MCC module for higher horsepower applications requiring conventional motor control centers.

Our unique designs eliminate many safety hazards, such as confined spaces, fall hazards, and weather-related dangers. Our control panel design greatly simplifies compliance with electrical safety regulations (CFR 1910 Subpart S) and standards (NFPA 70E). The compartmentalization of the ArcSafe® panel keeps line voltage away from anyone who may need to get into cabinets. The building arrives assembled, with control components and wiring pre-installed.

Standards and Approvals

  • U.L. Listed
  • Uniform Building Code
  • National Electric Code
  • Sensor Connections UL 689A
  • ArcSafe® Pump Control Center (PCC)

Our standard models include the ArcSafe® PCC, manufactured by Starnet Technologies, Inc. This system allows you to maintain “IN AUTO” operation while servicing any line voltage compartments de-energized, making compliance with NFPA70E and OSHA 1910 simple.


Arrow was created as a division of Starnet Technologies, Inc. Arrow's prefabricated pumping stations offer solutions for typical pumping station applications.


To provide quality sewage and stormwater pumping station products, that are designed to protect operators and service technicians from safety hazards.